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Mártogatósok - English version

Let's see first the most simple one: the feta cheese dip with sun dried tomatoes. This is one of our oldest recepies that we do not change we keep it on menu because everyone likes it as it is.


500 g feta cheese, we use one called "Fitaki" in 500g blue tetrapack packaging
5-6 bigger size sun dried tomatoes in olive oil cut into small chunks
about 4 tblsps of sour cream
freshly ground pepper

Combine in a large bowl all the ingredients, you can put a little from the oil of the tomatoes as well and mix it well. If it is not creamy enough you can add some more sour cream. Do not put salt in it, the cheese is very salty! That's it, enjoy it with fresh bread.

Summer dip: eggplant dip with grilled capsicum


2-3 medium size eggplants
1-2 capsicum
2 cloves garlic
3-4 spring onions
a large handful of persil
a large handful of cilantro
salt, pepper
olive oil


1. Preheat the oven for 200-220 C and put the eggplants and the capsicums into the oven and bake them until each side of capsicums becomes black . You should turn them while baking so as every side can grill evenly.
2. When the eggplants ready, set aside and wait until they cool down.
3. When the capsicums are ready put them immediatly into a plastic bag, close it tight and set aside until they cool down.
4. With this method you can easily peel off the skin of the capsicums. Peel the eggplants too.
5. With a sharp knife cut into very small chunks the eggplants, peeled capsicums, spring onions, garlic and the fresh herbs. I suggest not put everything in a blender/mixer, because the result will not be the same, you should feel the small pieces of each vegetable while eating, this dip should not be a solid cream.
6. When ready, combine everything in a bowl mix it, season with salt and pepper and add extra vergine olive oil at the end to make the dip smooth.

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